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The Energy Water Nexus (EWN) Working Group is moving from planning to action. Leveraging a "focused and highly productive" meeting on August 24th, the group approved an action plan to be implemented by a small set of functionary committees. Insights from the Energy Water Nexus Road Map have led the Working Group to promote the region as a Hub for EWN economic and research activity, especially technologies with exceptional potential to save water and energy, capture a sizable part of a fast growing market segment, and that align with the business development interests of regional members. The functionary sub-committees will include:

  • EWN Hub Activities & Programming
  • EWN Hub Promotion (Awareness)
  • EWN Hub Membership and Funding Development
  • EWN Technology Development
  • EWN Hub Education and Talent Development

Please join us for the next EWN Working Group Meeting: In-person, Thursday Sept. 28th at 1pm at the M-WERC office. At the meeting, members will:

  • Finalize sub-committee membership
  • Plan next steps for the sub-committees in line with the Working Group Action Plan

This meeting is open to all M-WERC members and members of The Water Council who have applied for M-WERC membership. Ongoing participation in the group will require M-WERC membership; an introductory discount is available to members of The Water Council. If you would like more information about this working group, please contact Nathan Conroy,

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