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The M-WERC Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Working Group is pleased to announce a unique conference on September 21, 2017. The conference called The Business Case for Industrial Energy Efficiency, is designed to be a highly efficient, one-stop application oriented conference. The event is targeted to owners, operations managers, engineering managers and purchasing managers of small to medium manufacturers.

The conference is designed to be a highly impactful opportunity to rapidly develop an actionable and money saving strategy for your business while directly connecting participants to the leading industrial energy efficiency expert organizations working with M-WERC.

Participants in this conference will learn how to:

  • Reduce energy bills while improving production quantity and quality
  • Identify the most cost effective industrial energy efficiency options
  • Develop strong business cases for industrial energy efficiency investment
  • Identify incentives and financing available to support investments
  • Develop methods to justify and sell energy efficiency projects to management/leadership 

This conference is different than other similar conferences because:

  • It is designed exclusively for small to medium manufacturers
  • It will provide independent, objective, non-biased/ non-commercial insight
  • Will offer a one-stop connection to top regional experts
  • Will feature regional customers and real case studies
  • There will be no sales presentations

There is no cost to M-WERC members or small to medium manufacturers.

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