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In late June M-WERC's Jeff Anthony attended the German-American Chamber of Commerce Wind Energy Business Conference in Chicago.  M-WERC has partnered with GACC-Midwest on previous events and helped sponsor and promote this event last week. The event was organized to present an update on the wind energy industry in Germany and in the US to attendees. Presenters included companies and the wind energy trade associations from a number of countries, as well as the Fraunhoefer Institute and MISO.  

Wind energy is expanding rapidly in both countries, moving past concerns about renewable energy integration, which has effectively been addressed in both countries and is no longer a concern.  Challenges now include building enough transmission infrastructure to move wind energy from windy areas to markets, and countering some of the NIMBY and anti-wind organizations that still exist despite the widespread proven benefits on wind energy.  

The featured presenters and highlight of the event were six German companies that travelled to the US to explore business opportunities in the US wind energy industry.  GACC gave them opportunities to present at this event and arranged visits with various organizations here in the US.  M-WERC attended this event in part to meet these companies and to introduce them to the energy, power and controls sector.  We are working with the M7 economic development organization to make further introductions and contacts. If you're interested email

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