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M-WERC hosts third annual Demo Day for WERCBench Labs graduates
Event draws more than 100 of region's top investors and entrepreneurs  

[Milwaukee, Wis.] – Visitors had the opportunity last night to get a first look at six incredible teams of engineers and innovators as they pitched their companies and shared highlights of their 12-week experience at WERCBench Labs. Teams who gave their pitch included: 

ARIS Technology

ARIS automates 3-Dimensional measurements in smart factories for improved Quality Control. With ARIS’s solution, manufacturers can eliminate human errors in measurement with robotic automation, and easily set up and run complex automation programs using artificial intelligence.

Because quality control efforts are often performed manually by a worker using hand-held calipers, custom-fit gages, and programming touch-probes to contact each measurement point one by one. This method is slow, low resolution, expensive, and almost unrepeatable due to human biases.

ARIS’s Software

-       enables a faster and cheaper integration process

-       allows workers to run the entire process with just 1-click on touchscreen

-       and allows managers to remotely access ARIS Cloud for real-time reports and analytics.

The system also empowers engineers to simply set up new inspection for new parts or productions, and predict & prevent future failure to reduce scrap.


The team at EWPanel has developed a patent-pending tape-like nanogenerator that can generate electricity from human movement and from the motion of objects like machines, bicycles and trucks.

The generated electricity can either be stored in rechargeable batteries for later use, or can directly drive low-power electronics such as sensors, Bluetooth connected devices, and LED lights. The nanogenerator itself can be used as a battery-free, flexible sensor as well. The nanogenerator is thin, flexible, and can be made into various sizes: from fingernail-small pieces to a sheet, hundreds of square foot in size.

This inexpensive and environmentally friendly nanogerator allows the powered devices to be used anywhere in all environments and can be safely discarded in landfills or composted.

EWPanel is currently establishing partnerships with potential customers to develop its first commercial application.

Global Green Products

Global Green Products (GGP) manufactures and markets eco-friendly polymer products used to help customers conserve water, extend equipment usefulness, reduce energy loss and improve productivity. 

Specifically, GGP products keep minerals dissolved in water from forming hard deposits while minimizing corrosion and pitting on heat transfer surfaces and equipment used in industrial cooling water systems.

GGP’s target market includes the more than 5,000 local service companies that sell chemicals and service cooling water systems to facilities run by universities and colleges as well as places like airports, hotels, apartment complexes military buildings and installations. 

To give you an idea of the size of this market  - keep in mind that these types of systems in the United States use approximately 16 billion gallons per day of water - representing 65% of all water usage.  GGP has eight US Patents and several foreign patents covering its technology and products.

Indiana Integrated Circuits

Indiana Integrated Circuits (IIC) develops and commercializes, patent-protected advanced microelectronics technology, and licenses it to systems integrators, wafer foundries and OEMs for implementation across a wide variety of end-use applications.

IIC’s patented Quilt Packaging technology provides a much smaller and more efficient interconnection between integrated circuits and related electronic components. Quilt Packaging enables significant system performance, efficiency and power density increases - while reducing cost, form-factor and overall power consumption. IIC’s patent portfolio consists of over two dozen issued and pending US & international patents.

Although not a manufacturing entity, IIC works closely with customers and partners for prototyping and proof-of-concept builds to support licensing and speed technology adoption.


NovoMoto is a for-profit social enterprise that provides clean electricity for off-grid rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

NovoMoto’s stand-alone solar-powered systems are less expensive, more efficient, and cleaner than the kerosene and diesel currently used in these communities. Kerosene poses significant health and environmental risks and is expensive.

NovoMoto is currently serving a select group of beta customers in its pilot village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The team’s go-to-market strategy is to target rural homes and businesses in the five western-most provinces of the Congo that do not have access to grid electricity.

In these five provinces, there are approximately 3.5 million homes (representing more than 17.5 million people) that lack access to reliable electricity. By 2025, this number is expected to rise to 4.5 million homes.

In sub-Saharan Africa, there are more than 600 million people who live without access to reliable electricity. This number is expected to increase to 700 million people by 2030. The electrification market potential (lighting and phone charging along) of these five provinces in the Congo is $500 million annually.

Switched Source

Switched Source provides power-electronics solutions to increase reliability, efficiency, and renewable energy hosting capacity, on legacy grid infrastructure and in distributed energy system applications.

Switched Source’s flagship device, the Tie Controller, unlocks grid management capabilities, acting as a controllable valve to “push and pull” specified amounts of real and reactive power, in two directions.  As a result, neighboring power lines can be operated as a networked platform, while providing energy consumers with two sources of power.  The Tie Controller also provides a retrofit solution for legacy infrastructure to be able to accept and fully utilize distributed energy resources.

To learn more about WERCBench Labs and upcoming programs visit us at or email for more information.

Representatives from WERCBench Labs prepare to present their pitches at M-WERC's third annual Demo Day.

Representatives from ARIS TechnologyNovoMoto and Switched Source pose with M-WERC Executive Director and CEO Alan Perlstein as he presented them with certificates recognizing them as winners in the WERCBench Labs Demo Day pitch competition. 

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