Blog 2017-11-28 10:33:32

Energy-Water Nexus

The Energy-Water Nexus (EWN) working group was formed earlier this year as an offshoot of the EWN Strategic Roadmap completed and released in February 2017. That fourth Strategic Roadmap from M-WERC explored cross-cutting technology opportunities for manufacturers in the energy and water spaces.

To continue their efforts in 2018, the EWN working group is meeting later this week to focus on three action items. First, the working group will be developing a series of white papers to scope issues and topics that provide a framework to address issues of interest.

Second, the working group members will present key information through webinars and conferences to grow awareness and educate others, creating a hub for activities and programming for Energy-Water Nexus.

Finally, the working group will focus on key cross-cutting EWN technologies and how they will drive regional growth of EPC space. 

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