Market Research and Development

Our Objective

We help drive the growth of our Member organizations through our extensive market and industry research, industry roadmaps and industry promotional activities. Our proactive collaborative activities provide a deep understanding of markets, market development strategies and a fertile ground and ecosystem for both entrepreneurial and intrapreneuarial development activities. 

M-WERC Market and Industry Expansion Committee

The Market and Industry Expansion Committee identifies, develops and implements the core collaborative market and industry expansion activities of the organization. These activities include both primary and secondary market research, industry roadmap development, targeted market and industry growth initiatives, entrepreneurial support such as incubators, accelerators and angel and venture capital funding and regional industry promotion. The Market and Industry Expansion Committee is currently led by two M-WERC Board Members and the M-WERC Director of Market and Industry Expansion.  For more information on who is leading the Market and Industry Expansion Mission area, please visit the Organizational Overview

Committee Responsibilities

  • Market Research
  • Industry Roadmaps for Focus Technologies
  • Industry and Market Growth Initiatives
  • Entrepreneurial Incubation and Accelerator Support
  • Industry Promotional Activities
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships



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