EPC Industry

EPC = Energy, Power & Control 

M-WERC envisions that, through its efforts, the Midwest Region will become the leading region in the United States for the energy, power and control industries and will be known worldwide for its leading-edge research and technology development in these areas, resulting in innovative products, market leadership, employment opportunities, and vibrant technology transfer.    

The Midwest Energy Research Consortium represents one of America’s largest clusters of energy, power and control companies, educational and research institutions, and other key industry stakeholders.  M-WERC acts as a catalyst for the growth of these companies and industries, located in the greater Midwest Region, through Technology Innovation, Market Research and Development, and Engineering Entrepreneurship.  

Our Focus is on Five Core Mission Areas

By connecting and synchronizing the Mid-West Region’s expansive energy, power and control industry with its academic, economic development, government and non-government organizations, WERC plans to help achieve national leadership in tageted EPC Industry segments, resulting in accelerated growth of sales and employment across the Mid-West Region.

M-WERC's Background 

M-WERC was originally founded in 2009 by three universities, four industrial companies and the U.S. Department of Energy as the Southeast Wisconsin Energy Technology Research Consortium (SWETRC).  The organization’s original mission was to perform collaborative and transformative energy-related seed research between its members.

Over the past 5 years, M-WERC has rapidly expanded it's charter, membership and geographic scope. 


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