M-WERC Energy Innovation Center

The EIC will bring together industry and academic scientists, engineers and business leaders to conduct joint research, jump-start innovative technologies, transition prototype products to the commercial stage, and nurture startup companies.  The EIC, as the physical facility for M-WERC, will play a critical role in furthering the development of the Midwest region as a global hub for the Energy, Power and Control Industry by establishing a facility that provides collaborative workspace and ongoing programs and activities for several functions, including:

  • Regional and international companies and industry associations
  • Market and technology innovators
  • University, private and national lab researchers
  • Entrepreneurs and intraprenuers
  • Economic development organizations
  • University and workforce development educators

Many activities, a variety of tenants, and multiple functions are being evaluated and assessed for inclusion in the EIC during the first phase of construction and buildout that will be completed by September 2015.  A second buildout phase will commence after that and proceed through October 2016.

Who Will Be Located in the EIC?

One unique aspect that has received a lot of attention initially, is the “business start-up” incubator that M-WERC is planning to locate in the EIC.  The EIC is also being designed to accommodate a wide range of tenants, beyond the business start-ups located in the EPiC Incubator.  Other types of tenants will include:

·         Company research and academic workspace and research labs

·         Local, state, and federal government energy program offices

·         Industry energy efficiency alliance organizations

·         Business partners (such as legal, human resources, engineering, marketing and financial/accounting service providers)

·         Economic development organizations

·         Workforce development center and technical training services

For more information on the Energy Innovation Center, e-mail to EIC@m-werc.org   

The EIC is intended to benefit M-WERC members in a wide range of activities and functions central to our mission areas.  The EIC will provide an efficient location to expand the energy, power and controls (EPC) sector that M-WERC is spearheading.  The EIC Building itself, as the physical manifestation of M-WERC will provide:

  • A regional physical hub location to efficiently connect the regional EPC industry
  • A convenient, efficient & neutral  location for marketing, meetings and networking
  • Prime locations for member marketing offices and labs
  • Excellent independently accessed  meeting and videoconferencing facilities
  • Direct in-building access to M-WERC staff , research and resources
  • A convenient location to meet multiple member business services companies
  • EIC Labs to create, test, and license new EPC technologies
    • Highly capable neutral lab space for collaborative research
    • Advanced prototyping center
    • Large scale product piloting space
    • Easily monitor and view M-WERC sponsored research
    • Access to M-WERC IP Exchange
  • The EIC Workforce Development Center – centralized location to develop and recruit future workforce needs
    • Outreach center for university and technical college internships and recruiting
    • Education center for EPC industry students and professors
    • A natural fulcrum between industry and academia
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